How does this capital campaign fit into our Church Mission?

Our church's focus is to make disciples for the transformation of the  world. Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, His last words to that group  of disciples were, “Go into the world and make disciples”. Thus the  church was born with that mission. That’s what churches do: we make  disciples. We are the people of God in a place that makes disciples. “REACH” is not just the name of our new capital campaign—it’s what God has called us to do. We exist as a church to REACH people and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Why should we support projects on the other campus? 

We  are one church with multiple worshiping communities. As we look to lay  out the vision for our future, it will be important for us to constantly  assess what things we will need to do to ensure and enhance our growth  and viability in all of our communities, based upon what the needs are  in individual communities. We view all contributions to the campaign as  investing in our ability to make disciples and REACH people in all current and future worshiping communities.

Will there be debt to finance? 

Our church went through a  process to determine the capacity we have for this capital campaign. We  have the capacity to raise/borrow up to $4.5 million dollars for this  project. Our intent is to have commitments for the majority of the funds  needed, and borrow the remaining amount if necessary to complete the  projects. 

What is the anticipated timeline for the projects?

To be able to open the facility for the Redeemer Methodist Children’s Program in the fall of 2020,  construction on the Redeemer project will happen immediately after the  conclusion of the campaign. As for the other large projects, they will  be staggered, with the Youth Building construction beginning in January  2020, and Memorial Fellowship Center (MFC) construction beginning in May of 2020. 

What will be the impact of construction on weekday ministries and Sunday worship for each campus?

Our expansion will obviously call for adjustment in our worship and programming on both campuses. At the Pearland campus, there should be no effect on the spaces we  use for worship due to the renovation of the MFC and Youth Building. AV  installation and chiller installation will be done during the week in order to be ready to use on the following Sunday morning. We will be  required to relocate offices and activities in the Youth Building while  renovation takes place, and we will use accommodating spaces on campus during this period. Activities in the MFC will be relocated where possible, or rescheduled during the renovation of this facility. 

When will final decisions about the projects be made?

We will have a Called Charge  Conference after the campaign to present the full plan after all pledges  are known, actual bids have been submitted, and interim financing  agreements have been made. 

Will new construction accommodate projected growth, and for how long?

At Redeemer, our new worship  space will seat 325 people. While we cannot say exactly what future  growth will look like, we anticipate this should be sufficient for at  least 3-5 years. There is also a Master Plan with intentional planning  for future expansion of the new worship space, children’s space, and  student ministry space once capacity is reached. For our Pearland Campus, we anticipate the renovations will accommodate our needs for the  next 3-5 years unless we experience significant growth.