Giving Strategies


If you have a desire to give above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings, but you're just not sure how to do it, here are some practical ideas to get you started thinking through some options you may not have considered. 


How much money would you save if you ate just one less dinner out each week, took leftovers to work for lunch sometimes instead of opting for fast food  or ordered one less latte or smoothie? One less weekly splurge has the  potential to be so much more... 


Is there a large purchase that you want (but don't really need) to make right now? What if you decided to delay it for a while so you could use those funds to support this initiative? How might you be changed, right along with your sacrificial gift focused on reaching others?


This  idea works two ways: Suppose you mow your own lawn or paint that spare  bedroom instead of hiring someone else to do it? Then, donate the money you saved. On the flip side: Maybe you cook or craft or are a skilled woodworker. Could you make things that generate funds that you could use for God's  glory? Challenge yourself to meet a giving goal that you purpose in your  heart. Then trust God to help you fulfill it. 


Cash contributions are not the only type of gift that you can make to this church planting effort. Maybe you have something else of value (like  real estate, stocks or other assets) that you would be willing to donate. Contact Terri Hildebrand, our Finance Accountant, at to see whether your other non-cash asset might be a viable gift.