"REACH” is not just the name of our new capital campaign—it’s what God has called us to do. We exist as a church to REACH people and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the fact that over these last few years, God has done that very effectively through our church. 


Three years ago, our church heard God’s calling to REACH further. We saw the opportunity in Manvel and we addressed the challenges and stepped out in faith. Now there are hundreds of people who have been REACHED as followers of Jesus. 


The projects that are part of the REACH campaign address the challenges ahead of us and will make way for God to continue to REACH new people through our church.  As you consider your own financial gift, please be in earnest prayer for our church, and for God’s Kingdom work through our church. Please also be praying with us “Lord, what would you do through me?”  Make a Commitment Today.